[Milton Data]

Past Engagements

Over the last three years we have conducted a range of projects for a wide variety of media and marketing organisations. The following represents a subset of the clients and some insight into the nature of the engagements.

  • Data Ascription
  • Database Integration
  • Deliverables Specification
  • Digital (Online) Fusion
  • Consumer Segmentation
  • Communities and Regional Masthead Modelling

  • Business Process Review
  • Data Integration
  • Property Valuation

  • Strategic Report Review
  • Data Integration
  • Promotion Optimisation

  • Reach & Frequency Modelling
  • Data Requirements Specification
  • Gold Standard Documentation
  • Process Administration

  • Promotion Optimisation
  • TV Analyses & Reporting

  • Marketing Review
  • Strategic Planning
  • BEAMS Festival
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